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The IMPRESSIONS series was shown at Bathroom Gallery in June/July 2013.

IMPRESSIONS—An exploration of the making and leaving of marks

(Considering the whole of human existence:)

Over time, as our tools for documentation have evolved and become more and more accessible, so, too, have our cultural and individual desires to record our lives; we are obsessed with the preservation of details concerning our existences.

When we create impressions upon the people we encounter in our lives and upon the earth, we establish the importance of our selves and our selves' purpose in existing, and we also find the only way to live on after death—through legacy.

These 25 works represent the impressions we make and the legacies we leave. As the viewer, your role as observer, interpreter, and rememberer is just as it is in life; the strength and longevity of these "impressions" are inherently tied to your interpretations and memory.

just hung—a view of IMPRESSIONS
bricks 1, 11
bricks 2, 12
bricks 3, 13
bricks 4, 14
bricks 5, 15
bricks 6, 16
bricks 7, 17
bricks 8, 18
bricks 9, 19
bricks 10, 20
circles 1
circles 2
circles 3
circles 4
circles 5
process study
process study